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the breath boss. 

My Services.

A rebirth - one on one. 

Can I show you how powerful you can really feel? 
Are you ready to experience the magical healing powers of breathing with intention?

1-1 sessions are a 1.5 / 2 hour breath work journey, where I will show you the healing potential of your own breath. These are available in person or over zoom, both are as powerful as the other.  


Wherever you are at in your healing/personal development journey, I will meet you there. Together we will peel back the layers of your subconscious mind and shift the stagnant energy blocks.  

Breathwork is a powerful tool that involves consciously using your breath to bypass the mind to enter an embodied state of awareness. It is the quickest way to get out of your head and reconnect with your body and heart.


These sessions are just over an hour long, they are tailored to you. A private class style breath session. 



This class is a slow flowing adventure aimed at recharging you with the magical healing power of your breath




Gently we will combine a bit of release and rejuvenate. This experience will help ground you to whatever your body needs at the time.



Release style really aims to charge you up & move the energy in your field to transmute what no longer serves you. the faster style is paired with a faster paced playlist. 

For the best outcome of your breathwork experience we recommend arriving with an empty stomach (4-5 hours after food). If you're attending a  lass is your selection we suggest no food after 2.45pm.


Please BYO yoga mat and always dress in comfortable warm clothes as your body temperature will drop, particularly with the Rejuvenate Class.


Each breath class will offer you a different experience as your body shifts to embrace release or recharge. When you surrender to your breath you allow yourself abundance and your healing journey can shine.

new class :

every tuesday

restore class 6:00am

elwood sailing club. followed by ocean dip & coffee.

every second tuesday

restore class 7:15pm 



restore zoom 7:00pm


rejuvenate breath 5:00pm



classes are held at 1 armstrong st, middle park.

inside parker ballet studio.

About Me

Breathing is a subconscious program we can bring conscious to be our own self healers. By altering our breathing patterns to embody deeper breathing, we stimulate our parasympathetic nervous system, down-regulating the body.


When we down-regulate our systems, we move out of the conscious thinking mind, the ego, & into the body & into our hearts. Our  bodies holds intelligence & wisdom that we can access when we move out of the mind.


When we engage in the conscious practice of breathwork & open our heart, moving from the conscious to subconscious. There is an opportunity to work through unprocessed & unresolved emotions & traumas & release them from the body and mind.


I am Ella and my life changed the day I discovered the innate power we all hold inside, breath.

Bringing conscious awareness to my breathing & understanding of ancient techniques completely changed my life. 

I want to hold space for other people to have the same transcendental moments.


I want everyone to understand how powerful we are when we understand our life force energy. 

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